Eight Science Fiction and Fantasy Books that Crush Gender Stereotypes

Science fiction and fantasy books are all about widening horizons and exploring new worlds. But sometimes, in that rush to explore, one of the biggest worlds of them all is overlooked: our own sense of self. Here are some science fiction and fantasy books that explore not just the stars outside, but internal gender… »1/29/15 5:14pm1/29/15 5:14pm


Sexy Fiction: The Sordid History and Shocking Future of Transgressive Fiction

Although the term "transgressive fiction" was coined a mere 20 years ago by critic Michael Silverblatt, this mode of shocking storytelling is contemporaneous with civilization, and in fact the very oldest extant novel, The Golden Ass, is often cited as a transgressive work. In a sense, then, literary history began… »9/02/14 10:23am9/02/14 10:23am

Two Horror Writers Explain How Co-Authoring Made Their Novel Scarier

Sleeping Policemen seemed, at times, to come too easily. It was a joy to write—much of the seeming effortlessness fueled by the collaboration, that synthesis of friendship and creativity. It began as a notion—"Let's write a novel quick and mean and gritty"—that took shape, dark and dirty, through a string of emails: »7/24/14 9:23am7/24/14 9:23am