7 Movie Homes for Literary Aliens

These ebook aliens could totally hang with these movie creatures. A list in honor of World Space Week. #WSW2013

1. Star Wars


In Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes' Encounter with Tiber, the Tiberians are a species of furry (some bearded), ape-like creatures that walk on two feet. See the resemblance?

2. Avatar


The Dedelphi in Sarah Zettel’s Playing God are incredibly tall and graceful aliens with leathery blue skin and sail-like ears. They’d fit right in on the planet Pandora.

3. Lord of the Rings


The Tampy aliens in Timothy Zahn’s Warhorse are thin, delicate, and “hunched slightly forward in a caricature of old age.” They also have skin that is “a sickly, bedridden sort of pale.” They might as well be Gollum’s cousins.

4. Doctor Who


In Dawn by Octavia E. Butler, the Oankali aliens are known to have two hearts—just like the shape-shifting Time Lord!

5. Planet of the Apes


An Encounter with Tiber (Buzz Aldrin, John Barnes) probably wouldn’t differ much from an encounter with these highly-developed primates.

6. Harry Potter


Thin and delicate-looking (but brave!), Dobby could easily be the magical version of Timothy Zahn’s Tampy aliens in Warhorse, who are also into clothing accessories—one of them sports a “yellow-orange tartan neckerchief.” Fancy!

7. Toy Story


Okay, so the only thing the High Ones in Across a Billion Years (Robert Silverberg) have in common with the Toy Story aliens is that they’re both green and have three eyes. But who wouldn’t want to hang with these little guys?

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