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The Dr. Ryan Stone Survival Game

Would Sandra Bullock's Gravity Character Survive in These Four Novels? Place Your Bets and Find Out!

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(Disclaimer: contains Gravity spoilers!)

If you thought Dr. Ryan Stone’s (Sandra Bullock’s) mission was “impossible” in the hit film Gravity, check out our collection of do-or-die sci-fi and fantasy novels. Here, death and insanity, which Stone becomes quite familiar with in Gravity, lurk around every corner. Each of the ebooks featured involves death-defying obstacles, survival instincts, and the madness of one’s own mind. In this collection of ebooks, defying the odds is the only way to survive.


Since Dr. Stone came out of Gravity alive, we wondered what her chances of survival would be in each of our ebooks. We are placing our bets below—how do you think she would fare?

Blue Light by Walter Mosley


It is the mid-1960s, and the people of San Francisco are ready for transcendence. One night, beams of blue light streak down from space, killing some, driving others mad, and lifting a lucky few to a state of blissful brilliance. For the surviving, newly evolved super race of “blues,” the powers of the universe are within reach. Under their guidance, Earth will either be raised to heaven or dragged to hell.

Ryan’s Survival Rate: 5/10. Ryan never encountered extraterrestrials during her voyage so we are giving her half a chance.


Warhorse by Timothy Zahn

Throughout the universe, space horses are among the most coveted of species. They are starfaring creatures with telekinetic abilities, tamed and controlled by the Tampy aliens—who aren’t willing to share their understanding of the creatures. Despite diplomatic government intervention, human poachers are determined to capture and control the giant beings. With a tenuous peace treaty in place between the Tampy and humans, the first jointly helmed space horse will undertake its first mission. But will the two races be able to work together—or will their peace break down into all-out war?


Ryan’s Survival Rate: 3/10. Would Ryan befriend or stay away from this space creature? It could read her mind and would know her full level of panic, so the odds seem stacked against her.

Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon


Something flashes in nine-year-old Swan’s brain, telling her that trouble is coming. Maybe it’s her mother, fed up with her current boyfriend and ready to abandon their dismal trailer park and seek a new home. But something far worse is on the horizon. Death falls from the sky—nuclear bombs that annihilate American civilization. Though Swan survives the blast, this young psychic’s war is just beginning.

Ryan’s Survival Rate: 8/10.Survive a nuclear blast? We all know Stone is very resourceful—in Gravity, she used what she had to propel herself back to earth. We think she could build her own bomb shelter with twigs if she had to!


King of Morning, Queen of Day by Ian McDonald

In early-twentieth-century Ireland, life for Emily Desmond is that of the average teenage girl: She reads, she’s bored with school, and she has a powerful imagination. Then things begin to change. Her imagination is so powerful, in fact, that she wills a faerie into existence—an ability called mythoconsciousness. It’s this power that opens a dangerous door that she will never want to close, and whose repercussions will reverberate across time.


Ryan’s Survival Rate: 1/10. We already know how Ryan feels about being alone with her own imagination.

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