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Where Romance and Science Fiction Meet: Jaran by Kate Elliott

Celebrated science fiction and fantasy author Kate Elliott, born Alis A. Rasmussen, knows a thing or two about making childhood dreams a reality. Native to Junction City, Oregon, Elliott, who wrote her first story at nine years old, transformed her love of writing into a genre-bending career in speculative fiction—penning more than a dozen captivating novels over the course of three decades.

In Jaran, the first tale in her lauded four-novel series of the same name, Elliott blends science fiction and romance in a flawless display of artistic brilliance.

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Series heroine Tess Soerensen has always lived in the shadow of her brother, Charles. After a failed rebellion attempt against the ruling Chapalii empire—a kingdom of aliens that has taken over the galaxy—Charles, a fearless radical, is now a duke, and the only human in the upper echelons of Chapalii society. Despite Charles’s high rank among the Chapalii, he and Tess believe their parents were murdered at the hands of the very civilization that has embraced them. Torn between family loyalty and the quest for self-identity, Tess decides to run away to one of her brother’s planets, the distant Rhui.


On the way to Rhui, Tess uncovers a trafficking scheme, and curiosity gets the best of her. Vowing to get to the bottom of the plot, Tess decides to immerse herself in Rhuian society, only to discover that the planet isn’t as sophisticated as she thought—in fact, it’s the very opposite. The natives of Rhui, known as the Jaran, have built a primitive, matriarchal tent-dwelling society dependent on horses in which women rule, and men roam. Ilyakoria (Ilya) Bahktiian, a trained Jaran warrior, has a rebellious mission of his own, and to him, Tess is just one more obstacle. Bound by revolutionary ambitions yet stubborn in their pursuits, tensions arise as Tess and Ilya, both strong personalities, try and fail to deny the attraction brewing between them in a gripping adventure of science fiction and romance.

To read more about Kate Elliott and her riveting novels, visit her author page here.

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